Looking to Sell or Trade Your Luxury Watch?

Delve into the rewarding world of luxury watch selling and trading at Time of Swiss Inc. We offer competitive pricing for your pre-owned timepieces and a swift, secure, and straightforward process to sell or trade your watch.

How To Sell Your Watch

Let us guide you through our simple four-step selling process.

Receive Your Quote

Start by requesting a free quote. Provide us with the details of your luxury watch, and our experts will evaluate and provide an estimate.

Send Us Your Watch

Once you agreed upon the estimated price, securely send us your luxury watch. Our experts will guide you through this process, ensuring your timepiece is completely safe in transit.

Full Watch Inspection

Our expert watchmakers will then conduct a thorough inspection to assert the authenticity and condition of the timepiece.

Receive Payment

Following a successful inspection, we ensure quick payment according to the mode you prefer.


How To Trade Your Watch

Upgrading your collection? Here’s our simple four-step process:

Choose Your Watch

Browse through our exquisite collection and select the watch you wish to own.

Speak with an Expert

Speak to our in-house experts. We’ll assist you with trading and guide you through the process.

Send Us Your Watch

Like our selling process, securely send us your luxury watch. Rest assured, your watch will be handled with utmost care and attention.

Receive Your New Watch

Post inspection, your chosen timepiece will be prepared for shipment and delivered securely to you.


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